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Update curricula display to be same as online courses.

Currently, the display for online courses is a nice clean box where it's obvious how to add the online courses to your cart. But the curricula display across the whole page with the add to cart being just the price and a cart icon in the top right...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Add Session Attended Column to eCommerce Reports

Challenge: Our finance team needs to be able to link a certification class attendee's name to a specific session date to track realized revenue. The forces us to create individual courses for each certification class, even though they'd normally b...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Make Shipping details reportable

Please make shipping details reportable from the Transaction report and/or the Transaction Details report. If someone enters shipping details the only way to find that info is from the Receipt screen from the Transaction report.
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Show learners what is missing when they are unable to move forward with purchase

When learners are entering their address info in the e-commerce area as part of the purchase process, they receive no feedback as to what is missing or incorrect when it won’t move forward. It just shows a circle/slash and does not allow them to p...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Option to allow purchase of courses after start date

We sometimes need people to be able to purchase a course in the first few days after it’s started. Since we don’t have that option currently, we have to create a whole new course with a later start date for “late additions” in order to take the pa...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Cannot choose all internal learners under variable price groups

We cannot pick the parent department here – our options are functionally limited to all learners, or specific departments. We cannot, therefore, offer a staff discount to all our internal staff, unless we pull up each of our (several hundred!) dep...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Could prerequisites be used before checkout takes place for purchases rather than at enrolment stage?

We would like to add in prerequisites to a course which is an e-commerce instant purchase. Currently the prerequisites and enrolment rules seems to only apply once the course has been booked and paid for and the learner is at the enrolment stage. ...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

A disclaimer pop-up box when a new user creates a profile.

We have a custom field where our users select rescue and evacuation devices to train on when creating a new profile with an enrollment key. We'd love to be able to have a disclaimer box that appears when they select a certain device that they are ...
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Enable Connectivity to support Google Ads

Enable the ability to insert tags for Google Ads for gathering metrics. Special interest is in measuring conversion (purchases). This is a way to measure success of Google Ad Campaigns.
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Provide option to mark course as "free"

For courses that are made public-facing by toggling on e-commerce setting, provide option to mark price as "Free" rather than "$0.00"
about 1 year ago in eCommerce 1 Unreviewed