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does not include for group in group setting

It would be great if we can have the does not include group A when we are setting up group B We have a curriculum for the whole organization. some departments need to do curriculum A, everyone else, need to do curriculum B. It would be great if we...
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Reveiwer notification email add learner first / last name and learner email address

We use single sign on with our ADP system. The Reviewer notification email doesn't use the learners first and last name or learner email address so the reviewer knows who it is or how to contact them. Currently the only option is Learner username....
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Allow subgroups, and people the ability to access each subgroup they are in. Parent, child subgroups
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Option to create playlists within Collaboration or its own section. Group resources, courses, posts, etc as a Playlist. Users can subscribe or enrol in a playlist. Playlists can be posted in Collaborations. Will better allow for informal learning.
over 1 year ago in Collaborations / Engage 0 Unreviewed

Transfer Learners

Option to Transfer learners to different course (as opposed to having to unenroll, then enroll in another).
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Add Wistia to Absorb Create as an External Video Services Option

Currently in Absorb Create, the External Video Services options are Brightcove, Libcast, Vimeo and YouTube. It would be great if Wistia was added as another option for these External Video Services.
over 1 year ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Move multiple curriculum courses at once.

When building a curriculum, it would be a nice timesaver to create your Groups, then add all the courses at once (which land in one group). Then select more than one course at a time to move to their respective group.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 1 Unreviewed

Custom Guides on Canvas

It would be great to drop your own custom guides on the canvas when laying out slides. And be able to snap content to those guides and be able to toggle them off/on. This functionality is very helpful in applications like photoshop and illustrator.
over 1 year ago in Create 1 Unreviewed

More languages available for subtitles

As the subtitles feature is enhanced, we would love to see more options. Most of our operations are out in the Phillippines so Tagalog would be amazing!
over 1 year ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Prevent enrolment key and password fields from accepting spaces

We continually get emails from our customers saying that their enrolment key or username and password doesn't work, when the issue is that they are inadvertently copying and pasting trailing white spaces that get added by their email client. I thi...
over 1 year ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed