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Admin Experience - Course Admin - Provide expand all sections

As an Admin administering courses, I would like to be able to expand all sections with a single click. Today, I am having to individually click all sections every course that I open.
3 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Allow Course visibility to be assigned to both Departments and Groups

Course visibility is only allowed by either department or group. Because of the way our organization has to be set up, it would be very helpful to be able to add Department and Groups .
3 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Prevent Impersonating Admins from Accepting Terms & Conditions (T&C)

Currently, it is possible for an admin to impersonate a new user and accept the Terms & Conditions are behalf of that user. This provides a risk to clients. A solution could be to remove the ability to accept T&C's when impersonating. Or p...
4 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Test a LMS course before publishing

When we create an online LMS course, there is no way to test if the content is correct and in the right format before setting to active/publishing it. So we have to create a workaround that all courses are first published in a test department and ...
4 days ago in Online Courses 0

Auto disable learner accounts on a specified date

All learners in our system are given access to the training curriculums for 6 months as part of their contract with us. Currently, admin staff must keep a list and manually disable the accounts after 6 months have passed, creating a lot of extra w...
4 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Allow for a course to be visible in more than one category.

On our platform we have set up most of our courses in specific categories. We did this via: Courses > Edit Online Course > Catalog Visibility > Category Absorb only allows us to choose one category. We now have a few courses which fit int...
4 days ago in Online Courses 0

Ability to Assign Training to People Managers

One feature we are lacking at the moment is the ability to assign content to individuals who have direct reports, or their role s a Manager in the system. This comes into play during something like Preventing Harassment Training, where we are requ...
4 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Add Due Date column in ILC activity or grades report.

It would be helpful to be able to see the learner's due date for the ILC and/or curriculum attached to the ILC session. This would allow recognition of expired learners or learners taking the class too early. This is important, especially when the...
5 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Manager experience should permit multiple managers to follow the same employees

We have multiple managers responsible for the same seasonal and fulltime employees. As such, it would be helpful if the manager experience permitted the assignment of the same employee to multiple managers in the organization. Some employees work ...
7 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Add auto-fill field to messages to display the course description.

In the confirmation message to the learner it would be good to be able to include the Course description as a "auto-fill" field
9 days ago in Learner Experience 0