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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 1, 2022

Dashboards: Allow Department + Group-level view restriction

Problem Statement: Currently in Dashboards, when setting who can view the dashboard, you are limited to either (1) everyone within a Department, or (2) everyone within a Group. If you attempt to add both of these - to limit visibility to everyone within a specific Department, and further, only those within a Group, within that Department - you cannot do this.

Solution: Much like how one can add filters when doing a search in Absorb, having a similar mechanism allow for one to "stack" restrictions. If one could pick a Department to limit visibility within, and then also pick a Group, then this would ideally display only those users who meet both requirements - users that are both within the set Department, and are within the set Group.

Example: Say I have a group of admins called "Trainers", and this group spans across all Departments. I also have a Department called "Store 2195". I wish to make a dashboard that is visible only to Trainers at Store 2195, showing them the completion progress of all users at their store. With the current setup, I would need to clone the "Trainers" group, and manually pare it down to just the users at the desired Department. This would not scale, since, as people leave, join, and become Trainers, I would need to remember to add them to this second, extra group.

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