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Created on Apr 19, 2022

Curriculum enrollment limits

When enrolling in a curriculum, we need to be able to put a seat limit to prevent overbooking.

For example, a curriculum has online learning and multiple ILCs (each with one session) We know that the sessions have a limit of 30 learners and have applied that setting.

But the curriculum will allow unlimited enrollments, despite there being no session slots available.

This is really important to us since our customers are paying for the course and buying five slots when only one is available. Since they are enrolling from the public catalog, no enrollment keys are involved.

(Related idea: automatically enroll in a session of an ILC when only one session is available. )

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  • Guest
    Aug 8, 2023

    This would be so helpful not only for ILC's but for regular online courses and curriculums as well. There are a lot of different reasons we need to have control over enrollment spots.