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Created on Jun 24, 2022

CREATE : More support, best practices around bi-lingual course development

Client is requesting more features that support the development of bi-lingual courses, so that subtitles and audio tracks can be available in 2 languages based on the learner's preference. At the very least, best practices should be documented in the knowledgebase.

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  • Guest
    Jun 21, 2023

    would love ability to add multiple subtitles in single video. You can do this in the regular Video when creating a course, but not in Absorb Create version.

  • Guest
    Aug 5, 2022

    Our organization is looking to offer our courses and videos in 7 languages. Ideally learners would have the ability to select preferred languages for both subtitles and audio dubbing preference separately. Culturally, some learners prefer to listen to English while reading subtitles in their native language, while others prefer to listen to audio dubbing without subtitles.

    Example: German speaker wants to hear the German voice, but see the English text.

    The only way we see to support this functionality now is to create 7 different templates with 7 different videos (each with their languages dubbed) and each video needs to have 7 separate srt files attached. Also, despite being in a template in their native language, we would have to wait for their request to be manually enrolled into English courses/videos if they did not want dubbing.

    This all feels a bit clunky and would create a lot of extra media and labour.