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Categories Admin Experience
Created by Kaycee Vallozzi
Created on Jul 14, 2022

Publish List of Known Bugs for Admin Awareness

Admins currently have no way of knowing if or when known bugs are affecting their users' experience in Absorb. The only way to find out if a known bug is affecting a user experience is to encounter it yourself or have a user report an issue. Either of which still require the creation of a support ticket and usually several messages exchanged with support to eventually find out that a known bug is negatively impacting user experience.

If Absorb identifies a bug that directly impacts user experience, I'd like to have a dashboard or notification in place to alert me to any potential impact to my users. This is especially important for bugs affecting critical workflows used by many users that take weeks or months to resolve (e.g. a current bug that causes courses made in Create with multiple quizzes to prematurely complete after the first quiz is passed - this has significant implications for coursework that MUST be completed and passed).

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