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Created on Jul 26, 2022

Add option to have non-tracked SCORM courses that can be accessed by the public (non-account users).

In our previous LMS (TalentLMS), we had the ability to upload a SCORM course that a user could take, but not be tracked in. We used it as a way for visitors to try out our content before purchasing, but also allow for content that we didn't need to track (e.g. info about an upcoming event). Usually a web only version of the course would be fine (e.g. Rise 360 web export), but we want to drive users to the LMS public page by taking a FREE course without needing to set up an account and also use it to advertise PAID courses that they can take after.

In short, it is a feature we miss having from our previous LMS and would like to see added to Absorb to give us more flexibility.

Thank you,

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