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Bulk Edit Course Setttings

We would love the ability to bulk edit settings. For example, it we want to turn off multiple attempts at a quiz across all our courses and lessons, we have to open each course and then each learning object individually. This is time consuming and...
17 days ago in Admin Experience / Assessment Lessons 1

Enrollment button not a tiny button the upper right hand corner

When you have self-enrollment, and you send the link to users, there is no intuitive way to enter into the course. The enrollment button is a tiny button in the upper right hand corner that literally everyone misses. This greatly limits the potent...
2 days ago in Online Courses 0

Schedule training assignments

I'd like to schedule automated course enrollments. Should be able to set specific date from hire date, or specific time. This should be available in the one time enrollment as well.
9 days ago in Admin Experience / Online Courses 0

Observation Checklists | View In-Progress Checklists

When an Observation Checklist is in progress, there is no way to see how the checklist is going. Only upon submittal is any of the data available.
about 1 month ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reviewer Experience 1 Reviewed

Nudge Email for Department Active Users

Hi Team, It would be great to have a custom nudge email for Department with active users with active courses who have not completed the course yet. Nudge Email for courses doesn't work for our organization as we have a bundle assigned with four co...
4 days ago in Online Courses 0

For Post Enrollments, it would be great to add the completion date period criteria. For example, admins can setup the automatic rules to enroll the learners into "Course B" when they have completed the "Course A" within specific period.

No description provided
22 days ago in Online Courses 0

Bring back the file path display for learning objects uploaded to Absorb LMS

When we upload Tin Can or SCORM files as a learning object, Absorb no longer display the filename in use. We used to be able to view the file path before, which helped us track which version of a course/object we are using and if the course had be...
11 days ago in Online Courses 0

Complete Lesson(s) Within Online Course to Mark Completion

If you set up a curriculum, you can create groups and add online courses and then mark the minimum number of courses that must be completed within that group. I'd like to see the same functionality at the course level, but with chapters/lessons/le...
16 days ago in Online Courses 2

Observation Checklist - Need Skills Level Reporting

It would be helpful to be able to be able to run a report on a single skill within a checklist. This would be similar to reporting on a single question in an assessment or survey. Additionally, we would like to be able to filter results by departm...

Duplicate Learning Object within a Course

When I create a course that hosts a video file, I upload two learning objects. They are identical apart from the video file itself, i.e. the description, the poster, the subtitles, etc. are all exactly the same. The only difference in the video fi...
15 days ago in Online Courses 0