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Created on Aug 10, 2022

Challenge Deleting a Custom Field That's Part of a Report

Just uncovered a use case that should be easier to resolve.

I created a custom field a long time ago that some other admin added to a report. We no longer use the field. I was going to delete it but was unable to because the field is being used in a report. Without calling Absorb Customer Support and having them send a ticket off to a developer to trace the origin of the report based on its name—a laborious practice—I have no way to know who created the report aside from manually searching every admin I've ever had in the system.

In my particular case, I had to create a ticket with the name of the report that the custom field is part of, wait for a developer to identify the user ID for the person who created the report, then go in and impersonate the user to delete the report. Going through the process has taken several hours and multiple emails/ calls into Absorb.

Seems like there should be an easier way to delete a custom field–even if it’s part of a report someone else has created. Or, at a minimum, Absorb should identify in the error message the person who created the report that the custom field is part of so I can solve the problem on my own without having to put a trace on the user.


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