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Created on Aug 22, 2022

Expand Analyze to include Grand Parent Department

Currently, Analyze only has the ability to report on Department and Parent Department in the same report. I need another level up the hierarchy to include Grand Parent Department as well. We are a large restaurant/retail company with individual locations which are then managed by regional managers then split into larger groups with national managers. I have too many national managers to run individual reports, Department and Sub Departments. I need to run one report that I can then filter and run pivot tables on to report to executive level management.

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  • Guest
    Feb 6, 2023

    Good morning Pamela,

    That would require a change to our integration (not an easy thing to do) and a change to the way we use the system for reporting hierarchy, meaning whatever field we would have to use would be outside of the normal "dept" field structure. That logically does not make sense.

    eLogic had the ability to see a Grand Parent Department and so does Inform. I don't understand why if Inform can do it, Analyze can't. Even the front end has Dept and Parent Department. Could we get Grand Parent Department in the front end if we can't get it in Analyze?

    Reporting has definitely been a pain point for us since moving off of eLogic. The reporting inteface in eLogic was not intuitive but gave me great flexibility.

    Justin Greth
    Bloomin' Brands

  • Admin
    Pamela Easterbrook
    Feb 3, 2023


    To meet a number of our clients needs it was a conscious choice to build and display hierarchies in the way they exist in Analyze today. The hierarchy you are looking for is more top down and less flexible and it takes a lot of computation to build it every time it is asked for through a dashboard.

    A question I would like to ask on this would be, if the hierarchy you have aligns to something like Regions/Districts/Managers, is there not another field that would let you display that data in a column e.g. three custom fields or our 'country' field and then still filter using our 'departments and sub departments of' in addition to those other 'new' fields as filters?