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Created on Jan 11, 2023

File Manager enhancements - see number of associations by file, and by course

The new file manager options are a great improvement, thank you Absorb. Since this was just rolled out, and a lot of ideas have been submitted, hopefully the design team is already working on improvements.


  • Navigate directly to files, rather than through a specific course

  • Allow a column to display total number of files attached when looking at the list of courses

  • Display the number of courses a file is associated with in file manager in list view (course names are available once the file is opened, but opening every file is tedious)

  • Show which files are not associated with any courses (see above)

  • Allow sort by number of associations per file within file manager

  • Once viewing a file, allow addition to or removal from a course

  • Allow bulk tagging of files using multi-select

  • Show date added

  • Allow sort by date added

  • Show file type in list view

  • Nice to have: Number of downloads

  • Allow archiving of files

Thank you!

  • Attach files
  • Guest
    Mar 9, 2023

    I look forward to having the Files management updated from the current legacy to allow for the features you've mentioned. I too find it very tedious to drill down from within a lesson.