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Status Available in Absorb LMS
Categories Admin Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 12, 2021

Impersonate Admin

The ability to impersonate an Administrator would enable the following:

-Review admin settings

-Review admin visibility

-Troubleshoot admin issues

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  • Katie Maas
    Jan 28, 2022

    I see this is on roadmap. Any timeline for implementation?

  • Melinda Dickinson
    Jan 26, 2022

    This would be hugely beneficial. Right now, I have created a dummy account, utilize a laptop for my admin items, and then refer to an iPad where the dummy account is logged into. Direct impersonation to see Administrator visibility would help eliminate that.

  • Christopher Yellen
    Jan 25, 2022

    I like being able to impersonate for troubleshooting, but while in impersonate mode, I don't think actions should "stick." It's troublesome that the current impersonate mode for users allows an admin to launch and complete content as if they are the learner. I understand that it's helpful to see where a learner might have left off or gotten stuck in a course, but that shouldn't count as an additional attempt, and the admin shouldn't be able to complete content as if they were the learner.

    Currently, there is no audit trail for an admin - meaning, we cannot see which admin updated enrollment activity or even, which admin enrolled a user in a course. There should be.

  • Guest
    Dec 15, 2021

    I also agree that we should have the impersonate an Admin feature.

  • D Burcham
    Oct 25, 2021

    This is something that I've had the ability to do on other LMS systems. It certainly helps, and you can confirm that they can only see the data that they should be seeing. This would have been beneficial to use when experiencing the Admin/Department Rules issues.

  • Admin
    Paul Gheran
    Oct 4, 2021

    This is one of our favorite ideas. We'll do some discovery in the LMS, and I'm going to host a session to learn more on how this would be most valuable.

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