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Created on Dec 8, 2023

one course add multiple certificates to show an outline of the course

We created a condenced 90 minute General Safety Orientation (GSO) course for new hires to be completed easily, as one video, and the topics to be covered in order. For compliance we need to prove individuals have completed each section of the content listed below:

  • GSO-Asbestos


  • GSO-electrical safety

  • GSO-fall protection

*note there are about 17 sections

The Certificate area on the course only allows for one certificate attachment while for complaince they need indivdual certficates with one topic on each certificate for it to be accepted into their systems. They will not accept one certificate with bullet points outlining the topics.

This causes an issue.

It would help if you could attach up to 20 certificates to one course. So we don't have to replicate certificates outside the system for compliance.

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