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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Deleting a thumbnail at course level should NOT delete from File Manager

When in Edit Course and adding a thumbnail and you use Choose File, thumbnails that are Uploaded appear in the File Manager:

Once in File Manager, this thumbnail is now available to be used over and over again for various courses.

If you choose to delete a thumbnail directly from File Manager using the button with 3 dots, you will be prompted with the Delete File window and either A) a warning that it cannot be deleted because it is currently being used in the LMS, or B) a warning that deleting a file will permanently remove all instances of it across the LMS and this action cannot be undone:


However, we have discovered that if you use either of the delete options to remove a thumbnail at course level, not only is it removed from the course but it is also removed from the File Manager. This also means it will be removed from any other courses that are using the same thumbnail! And there is no warning or prompt to indicate that this will happen:

If you have deleted in error, each course with the missing thumbnail will have to have it added manually one by one.

So if you have added the wrong thumbnail in error, or you simply do not wish to use the thumbnail applied at course level, you must not delete the thumbnail, instead you must overwrite with another thumbnail.

We would like to be able to delete the thumbnail at course level without it being removed from File Manager, and if this is not possible, at least be prompted/warned the impact of deleting from course level.

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  • Guest
    Apr 12, 2024

    This is a really bad design logic, especially if you have a huge program with different contents using the same thumbnail.

  • Guest
    Mar 19, 2024

    I agree with the Guest comments below.

  • Guest
    Mar 8, 2024

    Beautifully written summary. This to me should be considered a bug/flaw in the UI. It's completely unintuitive and isn't consistent with the warning behavior you DO GET in the File Manager that tells you it's gone from everywhere it's used.