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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Add Ability to Send Nudge Based on Days after Enrollment vs. Specific Date

Using a date to set up nudge emails works well when everyone is enrolled at the same time and no future enrollments will be happening. For instance, we rolled out a course at the beginning of the year and learners had 60-days to complete. Setting a date on 2/15 to start nudge emails works for all of those folks who were enrolled at that time. We set up 3 nudges, beginning on 2/15, to go out every 14 days.

However, we continue to enroll new team members in the course as it is required of all employees. If someone is enrolled on 3/1, their first nudge email will go out on 3/15 based on the initial rules - NOT what we want. It would be nice if we could set things up so that the first nudge instead went out 45 days after enrollment. This cadence would work well for all enrollees.

Currently, we had to set the start date of 2/15 so the cadence would work properly. For our new enrollees we then had to go into the course and manually change things by removing the start date (since it would be different for every single enrollee moving forward) for nudges and then had to change the number of nudges to 2 and make them happen every 45 days (not optimal and not what we wanted, but it was the best option).

So again, just wondering if it would be possible to also give the option to start nudges a certain number of days after course enrollment? That would seem to be more workable than the current option and wouldn't require admins to go in and change things after a course is launched.

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