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Created on Apr 9, 2024

Accurate text conversion when uploading a PowerPoint to "Create"

I absolutely love the ability to upload already created PowerPoints to create as I believe the presentations look great compared to when just uploading a SCORM file as a course chapter. I noticed that while the pictures, backgrounds, and colors all convert seamlessly, the text that is on the PowerPoint does not convert accurately.

Once I upload my PowerPoint I’ve noticed that the line spacing, font size, text box size, and kerning of the text is vastly different in the “Create” presentation compared to the original PowerPoint I uploaded. This causes the text to look funky, non-uniform across slides, and the text to oftentimes spill out of the text box or slide. Sometimes the text spacing is too “smushed” while other times there is too large of a space between the paragraph lines.

When I was in the process of uploading all of our courses onto Create I found it would have taken more time to adjust the text format and text boxes on each individual slide to look professional compared to just copy/pasting the material from our PowerPoint slides to each individual slide in Create. This copy-paste process takes some time but is quicker than fixing the kerning, line spacing, text box, and font sized on each individual slide. If I were able to upload our PowerPoint Presentations all at once, integrating from our previous LMS provider to Absorb would take much less time compared to manually copy/pasting each individual slide from all of our PowerPoints into Create.

I also noticed when uploading our PowerPoint presentations onto Create that if the header of a text box was underlined, the body text would also be automatically underlined once on Create. While this isn't ideal, it wouldn't be too much of an issue if I were able to remove the underline on the text while in Create. Unfortunately it looks as if once the PP converts to Create there is no way to remove the underlines from the text while in Create.

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  • Guest
    Apr 25, 2024

    Agreed. The complete reformatting of a PowerPoint once it is uploaded to Create defeats the entire purpose of being able to upload a PowerPoint slide deck. The formating in Create needs to be enhanced. You cannot control many functions that are normally present in other programs, such as line spacing, tabbing, and indenting.