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Status Unreviewed
Categories Curriculum
Created by Guest
Created on May 9, 2024

Unenrol users from courses or curriculums when mapping is removed

Currently once a user in enrolled in any type of course or curriculum, the enrollment will stay there permanently unless manually removed.

To better automate and manage compliance, would be to remove enrollments which are no longer required for a person in relation to their mapping status.

E.G. Joe Bloggs is in job role A which requires courses A-F. Joe Bloggs has been promoted to job role B, which requires courses E-L. Course enrollments for A-D should be removed, as they are no longer relevant to Joe's job role, whilst keeping course enrollments for E and F, adding on new enrollments for courses G-L.

This will prevent courses being requested or completed unnecessarily, better managing training budgets, efficiency of time management for the learner and overall better compliance management.

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