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Created on Oct 28, 2021

Nice update but...

Hi Absorb, I appreciate the new update but there are some things you changed that I am not a fan of.

Primarily the selection method for courses/users. In the past you could select multiple by clicking the check box all the way on the left side of the list and deselect all and only select that one if you clicked on the right. I saw nothing wrong with this method. Now If I want to deselect a past selection and select something new I either need to declick it or select deselect all then click what I intend to select. This just seems like a lot of extra steps and the removal of a feature that was very useful for (no/may be some) reason.

Also I was very much hoping to see the ability to edit multiple courses at a time :( I know that this doesnt make sense for a lot of features but I think it would be awesome if you could select a bunch of courses and have a custom window come up that lets you access a few of the sliders like "make active" or "make mandatory by x date" among several others. Right now I need to go into every individual course, click a lot, type, then repeat the entire process for several other courses when I feel like the option to edit multiple courses (at least for the sliders) could be an easy and much needed feature to add.

Finally, it would be amazing if you offered more interactive quiz ideas like drag and drop or connect with lines and please please please make it so the jpeg or png associated with a question automatically appears when they open the questions and they dont have to click to open it (similar to how you have the preview feature for course image on the admin side) That would be HUGE. Then I wouldnt have to spend hours and hours in adobe captivate creating scorm files just so I could have a more interactive and conceptual type quiz than multiple choice.

Overall I love the software. I've been working with it for over the year and have made some incredible content. It's powerful if you know how to use all of its features and I look forward to see how the company and software will grow.


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