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Created by Dino Fazio
Created on Oct 28, 2021

Analyze is out of reach for small organizations

At $12,500 a year for the "essential" package, the cost more than doubles our yearly LMS expense. For a company with only 150 active users, there is no way for us to justify the expense. eLogic provided robust reporting with the base system. The basic reporting included in absorb doesn't give us the info we need to make informed decisions. Please consider your smaller clients when pricing these add ons. Your clients with 10,000+ active users may be able to justify such an expense for the data Analyze can provide but, with only 150 active users and the limited amount of data we need from the system, it's out of reach for the rest of us.

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  • Admin
    Pamela Easterbrook
    Oct 28, 2021

    No problem. We'll keep you posted.

  • Dino Fazio
    Oct 28, 2021

    Thank you for the quick response. I understand the logic and look forward to seeing what materializes next year.

  • Admin
    Pamela Easterbrook
    Oct 28, 2021

    Hi Dino,

    You're right that Analyze is a premium offering. We are aware that eLogic used to offer this service for free. Their implementation was a little different than ours, and had a different purpose in that it was really focused on Ad-Hoc reporting and ours is Ad-Hoc + Business Intelligence.

    In building Analyze we opted to implement something that has a wider benefit to clients that have Business Intelligence (BI) reporting needs. We were never going to be able to build this ourselves and provide that value to the clients that needed it, and this is a value to many businesses. Unfortunately BI is expensive to implement and expensive to use and this is the cost you are seeing passed on here.

    That being said, we know not all our clients need this level of advanced reporting, and we know even if you need it, some of the smaller businesses can't afford it so that being said, next year, we are looking to make improvements to our base reports. I have been unable to respond to what that looks like on any post similar to this because we are still coming up with a strategy for that.

    One of the reasons we didn't tackle our base reporting first is because it's complex to take what we have today and turn it in to anything even remotely like what eLogic had. This is a large effort and the strategy to make sure we have reporting that meets all our clients needs (as is important if it's going in to the base product) is not something we can take lightly. You can look for updates next year as to what this might look like but for now, you can at least be assured we are looking in to this.

    I hope this helps explain the business logic here and helps to answer your concern about still needing this reporting but not at a price point that's out of reach.