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Created by Francine Petro
Created on Nov 16, 2021

Email Notification for Supervisors - Putting them in the CC line

When sending notifications it would be helpful if when the employee receives their enrollment email, as well as the nudge and completion, if we toggle the switch on so that their supervisor receives it, that they appear in the CC line. This way the employee is aware that their supervisor is aware if they have or have not completed the training - another kind of "nudge" if you will. Since in today's world we can't customize the email that is sent to the Supervisor.

If we could customize it, that would be great. Even better - if there was a way to send them an email to let them know X direct reports have been assigned this training today...rather then cc'ing them on many emails.

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  • Chris
    Nov 17, 2021

    Agreed, these work better than reports typically, but can be overwhelming for supervisors when they are getting a slew of emails from the system. Being able to send a summary email would be a huge improvement - essentially have the system create a summary report without Admins having to create the reports individually. For each of our compliance courses, that means creating almost 200 reports for individual supervisors.