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Created on Dec 14, 2021

SSO - ability to map the post incoming attribute names

SSO - ability to map the post incoming attribute names

Some customers use external IDPs (example Janrain), and these external IDPs do not allow the SAML post requests to be customizable. So, for these cases, the SSO with Absorb will not work, because absorb requires a very specific set of attributes, and the names of attributes need to match.

Example: SAML post sending "Firstname", and Absorb expects "FirstName".

That would be good to have a configuration screen in the admin, in which we could map the Incoming SAML request attribute to the field name in Absorb, like:

Firstname = FirstName

Lastname = LastName

emailAddress = Email

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  • Guest
    Feb 18, 2022

    Both SCIM and SAML are important consideration for configuring AWS SSO. Our request is to update ability to have SCIM added. Adobe and several companies have updated these features and has alleviated a lot of manual inputting.

  • Admin
    Jeremy Yanofsky
    Jan 4, 2022

    Thank you for posting this idea, and to the members of the community for bringing this to the top. We hear you that this would be a nice addition to our SSO configuration, and I've asked my team to look into potential solutions to this problem. We're happy to inform once we have a better sense of scope and priority.