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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 21, 2021

Allow a course's Variable Price Groups to include Sub-Departments of the selected Department

When setting a Variable Price Group for a course, we'd like the option to choose between "Is Only" and "And Sub-Departments Of", similar to what you see when you filter by department (attached image).

This would allow us to place our learners in more specific departments while also letting us set variable pricing for several different departments at once.

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  • Admin
    Robert Szustakowski
    Jan 17, 2024

    Hello Folks,

    Thank you for your idea - currently we don't have any enhancements scheduled for this aspect of our eCommerce feature, however it's valuable to get input on which pieces of functionality will have the highest impact and provide the most value to our clients for when we do have an opportunity to develop and enhance this feature.

  • Guest
    Nov 16, 2023

    I would upvote this idea 50 times if I could. This is a big need of ours. We have numerous departments differentiating our corporate-member user groups and in order to use this feature and display the same variable price for all our corporate members (basically the member discounted price); I have to enter an unreasonable number of variable price groups, one for each individual corporate member department which is well over 150. Please Review this idea.