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Categories Admin Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 7, 2022

Clarify "Enrollment" terminology in Admin back-end - "Assigned" vs "Enrolled"

Problem Statement: A common problem I have found is that, if you "enroll" users in a course (such as if they were assigned a curriculum with an "Enable Automatic Enrollment" rule), they are not in fact "enrolled", they are merely "assigned". They will not appear in any report, nor can they marked as complete. The user must select the "Enroll" button for them to actually become enrolled (or the admin must manually set them as "enrolled" again on the back end). This is very unclear in the admin UI. The use of "Automatic Enrollment", "Enroll user" is very misleading, as it does not enroll them, it merely assigns them.

Solution: To start, at least clarify that you are not enrolling users, you are "assigning" them. The terminology used on the backend is incorrect and misleading. Especially for new admins, it is very confusing to learn that "enrolling users" to a course does not actually enroll them in the course.

I would also posit that this extra step of the second "enrolling", done by the user themselves, is very unnecessary, and leads to confusion for admins and extra clicks for users.

Note: I am aware you can manually change terminology for your LMS, but that does not actually solve this issue.

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