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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 20, 2022

Better mapping for translations

The translations feature is great. However, there is not an easy way to know what the ID/key is tied to.

For example, I have 3 translations (ID: 59367, 39266, 766) with the value "Launch," and two additional translations (ID: 822 & 67879) with the values "Launch Assessment" and "Launch Content." I have no idea what ID: 766 (key: launch and value: launch) is tied to.

This is one of several cases where I end up wasting time figuring out what translation is tied to which page. Even worse, is when it updates what I expected, and also updates in locations I did not expect.

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  • Guest
    Jul 18, 2023

    I am shocked that this has not received more votes. I was just about to type a suggestion before coming across this one.

    Type in "prerequisite" and see how many messages can be displayed. Some are obvious, and some are not. There should definitely be a map showing which events trigger which key.