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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 24, 2022

Add API controller for mass-attendance updates for a specific ILC

Expand V1 API to allow for mass-attendance status updates for a specific ILC.

We have webinars (ILCs) that are attended by thousands of users. Our webinar provider can send us the details of whom actually attended and we would like to automate setting the attendance on Absorb for the specific ILC.

However, the current V1 API endpoints require 3+ calls per user to accomplish this. This means we are potentially sending 3 x 1900 (5,700) calls to Absorb at the end of each webinar and causing a significant bottleneck and performance issue.

There is an existing ability in the Absorb Admin interface to mass-set attendance. It would be nice if this controller (which seems to exist) was extended to V1 customers.

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