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Created on Feb 10, 2022

Re-enrollment requires purchase

this used to be a setting based on documentation. If we have a course that has ecommerce, and the learner is scheduled to take it again we set allow for re-enrollment rules. that re-enrollment bypasses ecommerce. Obviously if we charge them for the first time, we would want to charge each subsequent times. we should have the ability to set the re-enrollment to require repurchasing and not bypass ecommerce.

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  • Admin
    Robert Szustakowski
    Aug 22, 2023

    Hello Everyone,

    With the August release, we’ve added Course Repurchase as an option which can be set for courses and works in conjunction with re-enrollment to enable you to charge learners for access to courses before they can re-enroll.

    The repurchase price for a course can be configured to be different from the base purchase price. Additionally, if you are using multi-currency, then the repurchase price can be presented in multiple currencies.

    This functionality needs to be enabled in E-Commerce settings before it is available for administrators to define for each course configuration.

    Additional information on Course Repurchase can be found here:

  • Guest
    Aug 15, 2023


    Would it be possible to base the re-purchase on the course expiry date, not just on the completion date or certificate expiry date.


  • Guest
    Mar 2, 2023

    YES! We also have mostly external learners who pay a fee for a course and they need to take it annually. We'd like to allow re-enrollment with the same course fee (or the ability to discount the fee by a flat amount or %). Or, at least allow re-enrollment RULES so we can allow just for certain departments to re-enroll for free.

  • Guest
    Jul 20, 2022

    This is such an obvious feature that I assumed the program was able to do this. Truthfully the lack of this feature is probably a deal breaker for us. 80% of our students purchase another class. They are starting to want to re-attend other classes. I'd hate to find out that some of them re-enrolled without me realizing that they haven't paid again. This is a big flaw that just shows again how well this was designed for internal training and poorly designed for external training.


Ability to force Learner to repurchase completed courses

Having an ability to repurchase a course will help resellers from having to find alternative ways to make it possibly for clients who need to take a course yearly to re-enroll in a course to complete it as they need the hours from it.
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