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Created on Sep 15, 2021

Add Due Date to API for BI Reporting

We need to be able to pull due date information into our BI reports. Currently, the Due Date field isn't available in the API. This is a really basic data point and needs to be included so that we can ensure learners are meeting deadlines for compliance-related training.

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  • Admin
    Pamela Easterbrook
    Jul 4, 2022


    I also want to let you know (as it would be relevant), we plan to launch a new product in August called 'Analyze Direct'. This product is a direct connection to a data warehouse optimized for BI reporting so you can just connect your BI reporting tool to this and 'off you go'.

    If you are interested I would suggest reaching out to your Account Manager so they can keep you in the loop as more details become available.



  • Admin
    Jeremy Yanofsky
    Nov 2, 2021

    Kendrick, thank you for bringing this suggestion forward and to those who have voted to show that there's community value. I've evaluated this with my team, and we believe that this would be a small addition to an existing API endpoint. I'll be recommending to my team that we include this addition in an upcoming sprint for completion before end of year.