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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 2, 2022

Seats available when enrolling should include registrations pending approval.

I have an ILC session that has 6 seats and 2 are approved registrations and 4 require me to approve them (still pending). When I go to Enroll anyone new into the session, via Enrollments under user or under ILC Session reports, the session will appear as if there are 3 seats still available, when in fact they are taken by pending registrations.

This becomes a problem for any other admin that comes in and does not either have rights to approve learners into the session, or does not check the ILC Session report to see "seats left". They can directly add them into the session. We need this "green" seats available number to accurately reflect the same number as the "seats left". (approved + pending)

See images attached. this is for the same course. ILC Session show no seats left. Enrollments screen shows 4 and these 4 are technically claimed by those pending, however someone with admin can register a new user and "bump" one of these pending users out of their spot.

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