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Customize Idle timeout settings for Admins

Currently, you can enable and customize Idle Timeout settings for learners (or disable it altogether) in the Portal Settings. There is no similar setting for admins. While I understand this may be due to the level of damage someone could cause log...
Christopher Yellen 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Preview all learning objects in Admin Experience

There has be an update in June: "'preview' icon right in the course syllabus next to Scorm, AICC, Tin Can, and of course Absorb Create lesson objects that allows an Admin with the Files permission to see the lesson just as a learner would!" Our co...
Victoria Lucio 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Ability to Limit Which Admins Receive Emails

We have some courses that a group of our admins would like to receive notifications of completion on. Currently, the options for sending emails through a course set up are limited to supervisor or admin. We would need an option to either send to a...
Alyssa Wied 10 days ago in Admin Experience 2

Ability to Impersonate for Non-System Level Admins

Right now, only System Admins can Impersonate other Admins. We need more. Example: Jane is a Sales Manager. She has lower-level Admin rights to run reports on her own team. When Jane needs technical assistance, I'd like Bill, a department level Su...
Rick Kerner 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Attendance Sheet Upload

Make it so that you can upload an attendance sheet from Zoom or Teams for an ILT session and it will automatically update attendance in Absorb for that session. Including how long each person attended for and setting for how long they need to have...
Guest 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Personalization Tokens

I would like to be able to use the personalization tokens / variables in email messages not only email templates.
Peggy Esch about 10 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Have leaderboards for courses, not users

It would be great to have a leaderboard for specific courses instead of user groups. For example, if I run a campaign on Customer Service, I want to see who earned the most points just for that content. Currently, all points earned from other cour...
Brian Fore about 15 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Course Upload approval notifications

When a user submits a course upload, those listed as approvers all receive an email notifying them. We would like the option to turn that off, or filter specific approvers for the notification. example 1: If I am a swim instructor in Chicago, and ...
Katie Maas about 18 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Google Meets ILT Support

Automatically create google meetings for ILT and support automatic attendance tracking. We regularly create ILT courses and need to create the meeting link and mark attendance manually. Would be amazing if this could be managed more seamlessly.
Melissa Dadd 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Enable/Disable Editing Completions (Completion Editing Being a Role Toggle)

As a large company that uses Absorb to manage it's dealer network, each dealership has admins that we grant role abilities to. We've recently had a small volume admins begin to edit their team's teams completions in some form (e.g. assigning credi...
Guest 9 days ago in Admin Experience 0