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ILC Session Reminder Email System Improvements

Currently, ILC Session reminder emails are measured as a time from when the learner first enrolls in the Session. It would make much more sense and would be much more helpful for the emails to be able to sent out on a timed basis instead based on...
Dylan Ludwicjk 31 minutes ago in Admin Experience 0

Automatically select Resource file after Upload

Currently Resource pdf file uploading has a confusing behavior. The upload progress bar changes to green and shows Completed. The Admin may then click the Close button, but needs to wait for the Select this File, or the upload does not properly co...
Roger Signarowski about 1 hour ago in Admin Experience 0

Enhanced Bulk Upload Capability

Enhanced bulk upload capability would be very useful for:Enrolling users in a courseMarking users complete in a course
Carol Schulte about 2 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Default Evaluation

Add the ability to designate visibility for a default evaluation question using rules. Right now, if you don't want to use the default evaluation questions, which are designated in Portal Settings, you need to go into the course and create a custo...
Carol Schulte about 2 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Adding User

When adding a user, keep him/her checked so you can immediately enroll in a course.
Guest about 3 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Ability to upload a file for mass enrollment

Not sure if this already exists but I don't see this when I'm enrolling a lot of users. Can we get a functionality where we can just simply upload a CSV (or any format suitable) file containing user details that makes mass enrollment to a course/c...
Agnes Guadalupe about 16 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Increased character limit for 'edit user' notes

If possible, it could be helpful to be able to increase the character limit in the notes section under 'edit user'. My organisation doesn't have a separate CRM so it would be great to be able to keep detailed notes of the team's interactions with ...
Tara O'Donnell about 16 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Use Course Names (not Tags) for Recommended Courses

I'm recommended that when using/enabling the Recommended Courses feature on the course level that it allows us to select which specific courses we want to have recommended and not base the recommended off tags.Due to needing to use tags, this mean...
Colton Hensley about 24 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Administrators can add learners directly to ILC waitlists

Current system behaviour is that if an administrator enrolls a learner to an ILC (Instructure Lead Course) they overright maximum class limits (with an alert) and the learner is enrolled. However if a learner self enrolls they would be placed on t...
Michael Hosking 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Ability to Exclude in Course Enrollment Rules

Could we get the ability to exclude a certain group of people from seeing a course by adding a "Is Not" option under course enrollment rules? You can refine the rule to only include the groups/departments you want but if you grow and create more g...
Katie Troy 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0