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ADP Sync should add new/sync users on or after the Hire Date listed in ADP

When a user is added to ADP, they are added to the LMS. When we have auto-enrollment rules set up on courses, new users are auto-assigned to courses the minute they are added into the LMS. Often times these courses have due dates of X days after e...
Joy Fiala 3 days ago in Integration 0

Create a 'new hire folder' (orientation package modules necessary for any and all staff can be assigned with one click)

If all staff require it before specific job functions are assigned it is easy to assign as a folder or package, with the modules in it, and make sure nothing is missed
Guest 7 days ago in Integration 0

Allow learners to share their training with LinkedIn

Not sure exactly how this would look but my team is currently looking at micro-credentials and digital badges that our learners would be able to share on their LinkedIn profiles. Would be a cool option if we could do this through our LMS somehow. ...
Tara O'Donnell 12 days ago in Integration 0

RingCentral Video - Classroom Integration

We would love to see the option to integration RingCentral Video in the same way you can integration Zoom into a virtual classroom.
Guest 14 days ago in Integration 0

How to change settings in BullGuard antivirus?

In order to get the settings changed in the BullGuard antivirus software program, the user should open the user interface of the software, there should click on the settings icon and next should choose “advanced option” after that the user should ...
Guest 26 days ago in Integration 0

See in progress courses in BambooHR

All users would be able to see the in-progress courses in the training tab rather than just the completed courses.
Melodie Sustar about 1 month ago in Integration 0

Web Hooks

Web Hooks is a modern and widely accepted method of connecting various systems electronically. With full web hooks integration along with complete integration with a site like Zapier which would allow customer expansion into thousands or adjoining...
Guest about 1 month ago in Integration 0

Embed links from Vimeo/Wistia

There is already the ability to embed YouTube videos but expanding the compatibility to other platforms and allowing for analytics through Absorb would help many.
Katie Troy about 1 month ago in Integration 0

Include all Competency related fields to the API

Include all Competency related fields to the APIThis is a really technical one, but we want to use the learner's Competency for our integration with SalesForce data. So following fields should be exposed in the API so we can integrate this. To do ...
Soren Birch about 1 month ago in Integration 0

Integration with Slack

Our team would love to have an integration with slack. As a tech company, we do not utilize email. Would love that when a person is added into a course, they get a slack notification and reminders through slack (similar to microsoft teams)
Guest about 2 months ago in Integration 0