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Sync w/ Google Workspace for groups

As a company using google workspace for email, groups, and documents, I would like to be able to use existing google groups to enroll users in trainings. For example a team has a group of it's members. The team is made up of users of a specialized...
27 days ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Credentialing tool integrations

Offering credentials (certifications, certificates, badges) is an essential element for garnering user adoption and confidence and for reporting department ROI. Challenge: While the rest API documentation is comprehensive, the process is cumbersom...
about 1 month ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Adobe Connect integration

We will be migrating to Adobe Connect versus Zoom in the fall. We need the ability to set up ILC sessions for registration in the LMS and automatically integrate with Adobe Connect.
about 1 month ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Support two-way course content integrations

It would be great if Absorb LMS could support two-way course content integrations with other ed tech tools. We use some tools that allow for integrations with LMS platforms to deliver content built in the tool directly to the LMS without needing t...
about 2 months ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

BambooHR & Absorb Connector

When an employee is signed into bamboo and in the training tab, it would be nice if upcoming training or trainings that they need to complete were listed and can bring them directly to Absorb to complete the training.
about 2 months ago in BambooHR 0 Unreviewed

Create Salesforce connector to send coupons from Salesforce

Our company incentivizes equipment purchases by providing a training coupon. I enter 40-50 coupons per week. Our team wants to automate this process to send coupons from Salesforce to streamline productivity.
2 months ago in Salesforce 0 Unreviewed

Salesforce sync - allow External Id to be sync'd

When setting up the Salesforce connector to sync person accounts, i am unable to map a Salesforce field to the External Id field.We need this to subsequently update the Absorb user via the API
2 months ago in Salesforce 0 Unreviewed

Include Task records in Salesforce Integration

Currently, we use Tasks submissions to verify some external hands-on exercises that go along with our courses. Managing the tasks from 30+ courses is very cumbersome, as tasks have to be managed one course at a time with no overview report. While ...
2 months ago in Salesforce 0 Unreviewed

Expand API to delete users

Currently, you can set user accounts as inactive with the API but cannot delete the accounts via API (this needs to be done manually).
3 months ago in RESTful API V1.5 0 Unreviewed

Teams Integration: Please mark attendance for absent in addition to complete

Current Teams functionality only automatically marks attendance for Complete. This requires someone to go in and manually mark users absent. This request is to mark anyone that isn't set to complete to absent as it will greatly save time.
3 months ago in Teams 0 Unreviewed