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Spell Check in Create

Spelling and grammar check within the create tool
over 2 years ago in Create 5 Reviewed

Create User Test Group

I suggest having a Create User Test Group from Absorb clients to discuss current processes, workflows, pain points, and suggestions for enhancing the Create product. I have 15+ years of experience using several other elearning authoring tools and ...
about 2 years ago in Create 1 Reviewed

Create Quiz - add the ability to ask certain number of questions from the quiz

In our base product, you have the ability to "Ask certain number of questions from group" when creating a quiz / assessment. It would be an improvement to be able to do this in Create.
over 1 year ago in Create 1 Reviewed

Timed quiz in Create

Building timed quiz in Create will help build quizzes and exams that are time sensitive in nature. Today without this capability it is not possible to build an exam / assessment where we could gauge the user's expertise in a time-bound environment.
about 2 years ago in Create 4 Reviewed

How-to Video's in Absorb Create Knowledge Base

I am new to Create and am still learning the software. While the articles in the Knowledge Base are helpful, I feel it is easier to have a video showing us how to do things, such as: create a slide or a company specific template. The current video...
over 1 year ago in Create 2 Reviewed

Option to add a 'Blank Answer' that can be manually marked in an Assessment

Right now you are required to provide an answer when creating a "Text" question in an Assesment. It would be nice to have the option to manually grade the employees open-ended answer to a question.
over 2 years ago in Create 5 Reviewed