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Enrollment Rule for Time From Hire Date

Looking for a way to enroll users based on their time from hire specifically. We'd like to stagger onboarding training, but find it difficult to manage without a rules such as "Assign training to all employees when time from hired = 7 days". Reall...
4 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Bulk Edit Course Setttings

We would love the ability to bulk edit settings. For example, it we want to turn off multiple attempts at a quiz across all our courses and lessons, we have to open each course and then each learning object individually. This is time consuming and...
17 days ago in Admin Experience / Assessment Lessons 1

Manager Experience needs to have a way to navigate back to Admin section

Today Managers have to either logoff or use the back button for the web browser to navigate back to the Admin section. This is a poor experience for the Manager.
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 6 Likely to Implement

upcoming sessions in the manager experience.

Managers should be able to view the upcoming sessions of ILCs thier people are registered for.
3 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Display Courses in a Curriculum (Including Enrollment Status and Progress) in the Manager Experience

As a manager, I want to see not only the curricula my learners are enrolled in as a whole, but also which courses are part of those curricula as well as my leaners' enrollment status and progress with the courses within their curricula. Currently,...
3 days ago in Curriculum 0

Manager Experience

When you navigate to the manager experience from the admin portal, it opens in the same window with no easy way to go back to the manager experience. Currently, all you can do is log off, however it would be great if there was also the option to n...
11 days ago in Manager Experience 1 Likely to Implement

Manager Experience should be accessible from Learner Experience

The fact that currently the new Manager Experience is only accessible via the Admin UI created some unnecessary clicks and adds complexity for managers wanting to access the ME. If a user is designated with a manager role, there should be a way to...
30 days ago in Manager Experience 3 Likely to Implement

Course Player Page "Theme" in New Learner Experience Needs...Something

The New Learner Experience has a lot of great features and a clean, fresh look, however, the online course player page lacks contrast. Its so homogenous that it doesn't direct the learner's eye to anything specific which makes it unintuitive. Sinc...
about 13 hours ago in Learner Experience 0

WYSIWYG or Drag/Drop Editor for Featured Courses Ribbon

Editing the Featured Courses ribbon is cumbersome at the moment. It requires manually updating each individual course on the ribbon, and sometimes keeping sticky notes/running records of the order we'd like courses to appear. I'd love to be able t...
1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Edit Existing Groups

When employees have role changes, it would be helpful to move them into different Groups. This is different than Departments. For example, we have a Group for Supervisors. Sometimes, an employee is no longer a Supervisor, so we would want to remov...
1 day ago in Admin Experience 0