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More customization for tile size

Please add the ability to set a maximum height for the tile containers in the Dashboard Template editor, as well as the ability to set different widths for tiles within a container, rather than just having them distributed equally. Right now, when...
2 days ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Allow learners to filter by credit and credit type in course catalog

Allow learners to filter by credit and credit type in the course catalog. Right now the only way to find courses with credits is to look at the individual course or for admin to create a catalog folder of courses that offer credits, which is ineff...
2 days ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Multiple Outbound SAML/IDP

We have an inbound SSO site and a non SSO site. Now trying to connect to a third-party vendor who uses SSO for a chrome less login to their platform requires us to have two outbound IDPs. Doing this we get a 500 error. Either we need to use the SS...
3 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Allow course message settings to be retroactive

For our use, for all course types, we may set course messaging to be a certain way at the initiation of the course. As we teach and change the course, we may want to change some of the settings for the reminders (make them more/less frequent or ch...
3 days ago in Core LMS 0 Unreviewed

Manager print direct reports' transcript

Managers should have the ability to print a direct report's transcript, similar to how a learner can view and print their own transcript.
4 days ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Messages from managers to direct reports should be sent by the manager, not the system.

When managers send messages to their direct reports from the Manager dashboard, the learner gets the message from the system, which makes it easier to ignore. The messages should be sent from the person who sent the message. for example, if a Mana...
4 days ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Update to wording used when publishing a course rule

If you update an auto-enrollment rule on a course, and the system detects that there are no new enrollments to be generated, when you click on "publish", it will state the total number of enrollments that it sees (it will say “based on the automat...
4 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Learner Transcript to Total Learner Time

It would be nice for the transcript to show a total, not just of credits, but of the total learner time and the total external training time completed and have a filter to allow you to narrow per year.
4 days ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Review eLearning before publishing

Ideally, I would like to have a preview section within the "edit online course", so we can view what the eLearning course will look like prior to publishing it. This will limit the number of times we go in and out to edit/tweak what isn't working....
4 days ago in Online Courses 0 Unreviewed

Update curricula due dates

Just like the ability to change and existing due dates for individual courses, that functionality should also be available for the curricula.
7 days ago in Curriculum 0 Unreviewed