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**Flag cancellations for refunds and automatic updates to course**

If someone cancels a session purchased through eCommerce, there is currently no mechanism to alert the Finance team to issue the refund. There needs to be a specific notification that flags cancellations.
about 20 hours ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Allow More E-commerce customization

Allow for clients to have more control over the user experience during the checkout and ecommerce process. For example, a client wants to have the "Continue Shopping" button to go to their own website where they utilize deep linking to get prospec...
1 day ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Allow for email when transaction happens

We are looking for the ability to send an email when a transaction occurs to let us know it happened.
about 2 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Pre-Load Coupon to Specific Learner

We would love to be able to add e-commerce coupons to specific learners that auto apply in their when they check out.
2 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Show Coupon Code on Receipt

Option to add the coupon code to the receipt template so it appears on the user's receipt.
3 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Add Course Type Option for Coupon Codes

Currently the only option to apply/exclude a course from a coupon code is to select all the courses the code can apply to (or leave the option blank to include all). Would be great if we could have an option to limit the code based on type of prog...
3 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

E-Commerce variable prices by groups

Variable prices are only able to be set by departments. There are scenarios in which we need to set the variable prices by groups - sometimes - groups and departments. We'd love to see the feature being added to the course e-commerce settings, sim...
4 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Support Stripe's "payment plan" feature for e-commerce transactions

For the e-commerce side right now the payment gateway only allows singular transactions. For higher price point items students are not able to purchase things with a payment plan causing students not being able to take courses due to price restric...
4 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Repurchase when flagged as Absent

When a user was absent from a paid ILC, the absent flag should be able to trigger the repurchase option for that course. For example, if an ILC course is set up for repurchase to be possible, currently the student must be marked as a "Fail" in ord...
5 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

ecommerce rates and currency

Enable different courses to charge different tax rates and different currencies. To be truly global we host courses in different countries and often need to charge local tax rates and in the local currency so we cannot use it in a lot of circumsta...
5 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed