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LinkedIn Learning Courses

Get the Language field from the LinkedIn Learning API and import it to the Language field in Absorb.
Ziv Tenenzaf 4 months ago in Integration 0

My Pinned Courses

Show pinned courses on the "My Courses" page (at the top of the page results).ORAdding the "My Pinned Courses" option to the Private/Public Menu as a separate page.Currently, the only way to see pinned courses is to click on the "Catalog" tile, se...
Ziv Tenenzaf 4 months ago in Learner Experience 0

Resource link available in Admin Experience

I'd love to be able to see the link for a resource within the resource table on the admin side, rather than creating it, going into the learner experience and then finding the "share link".
Tracy Parish 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Create a group based on a report filter elsewhere

I've had a few instances where I want to filter some learners, example such as "everyone that has completed course X", then add them into a new group and use that group for other purposes/filtering/reporting.Could be handy to be able to create a g...
Tracy Parish 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

List of instructor led courses should be listed chronologically, not in alphabetical order

When we click the pop-up to select a session from the list of sessions for our instructor led course, the list is in alphabetical order by title, when it should be chronological. We don't want to delete old sessions and lose the attendance for tha...
Guest 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Search Ideas Portal by Name

Searching the ideas portal by someone's name would be a huge help! I have team members who submit ideas and it can be tedious to find or I rely on them sending a link.
Alyssa Wied 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Add Status qualifier for Mass Reactivations/Deactivations through CSV Files

Currently, having to manually select anywhere between 100-500 users on a 1 by 1 basis from the users page to enable the mass actions drop-down options on the users page is very time consuming. Even more so if having to go into each users account d...
Domingo Retana 4 months ago in Admin Experience 2

Create templates for Courses and Curriculums

Be able to create templates for Online Courses, ILCs, and Curriculums that have set enrollment rules, completion settings, etc. This would cut down on repetitive course building and enrollment rules.
Chris 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Charge to re-enroll

It would be helpful, to allow a change fee for learner who need to re-enoll in a curriculumn becase they did not complete the course requiremnts, in our case the year to complete.
Kari Underly 4 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Format StartDate the same as DueDate

When we customize our message template for Send Enrollment Email under an online course, we're given the option for placeholder text, {{StartDate}} and {{DueDate}}. When the emails actually are sent, the dates are formatted differently for these f...
Avi Poje 4 months ago in Admin Experience 1