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Delay the Enrollment into a Course

It would be helpful to delay the initial enrollment into a course based on Date of Hire.Currently if a new employee is hired all courses are assigned to them as of the point they become active in the system (not the Date of Hire). This causes...
Zig Peacock 17 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Save Column Widths with Save Layout

When I run Reports, often there are some columns with lots of wasted space, and other columns that are cut short and have to wrap around. So, I manually resize the columns.Is it possible to save the column widths with Save Layout?Thanks,Rick
Rick Kerner 17 days ago in Reporting / Admin Experience 0

Add filter option for "Department is NOT"

When filtering by department, add an option to exclude a department, or group of departments from the list. This would be very helpful to us when I am trying to target things to our franchisees and exclude corporate employees.
Guest 17 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Push Notifications for App

Absorb is very reliant on logging in and emails for communication. Younger staff use text more often, or rely on notifications (we are the restaurant industry, so it is a large portion of our staff). The biggest flaw on the app, and the reason we...
Michael Hunka 18 days ago in Mobile App 0

Allow admins to view course enrollment details avail in the "edit enrollment" without modify permissions.

As best I can tell, if you have a course with 10 objects, the only way to see which objects are/are not complete, and the details on the objects, is to have the role "modify" enrollments enabled.How can an admin see this detail without being able ...
Drew Klassen 18 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Multiple Billboard Containers

Why, who, howWhy - currently you can only have one billboard container design on any learner dashboard, regardless of the number of containers (they can be added but effectively duplicates). This enhancement would allow for content to be specific ...
Paul Rice 18 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Link to Specific Course versus SSO homepage

Cannot link to a specific course unless the learner has accessed the SSO already that day. The course link directs learners to the dashboard instead of the specific course. Looking for a way to by-pass that SSO.
Guest 18 days ago in Learner Experience 1

Edit ILC Session from the ILC Session Report

It would be incredibly useful to edit an ILC session from the ILC report. It would not need to be a direct link to the session, but perhaps a link to edit the course it is associated with. This is helpful for cancellations, time changes, location ...
Rebecca Oleksa 19 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Additional "Reporting To" field synced from BabmooHR

It would be great to have the ability to sync additional fields such as "reports to" from BambooHR into Absorb. Creating groups and based on the org structure can be intricate and tedious without that option.
Melodie Sustar 22 days ago in Integration 0

Improve or allow custom UI for course resources

We're finding our Learners are not easily noticing the resources area on the course pages. It's in small font far off to the right, otherwise hidden behind the tab, which also presume is not prevalent enough to cause people to explore this. I ...
Drew Klassen 23 days ago in Learner Experience 0