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Manager Experience

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Allow managers to see entire org in one screen

Managers with multiple levels of reports need to be able to see data in one view, a simple table with all people in manager X's org and then the selected data. Having to naviate up and down is uncessary work for managers and makes it impossible to...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0

upcoming sessions in the manager experience.

Managers should be able to view the upcoming sessions of ILCs thier people are registered for.
2 months ago in Manager Experience 0

Manager Experience - option to sort by departments, not just individual users

If I am a manager of 4 different stores, I should be able to view data for each department, and break that down to individuals within that department. Is this possible?
14 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Learner interactions from Manager Experience (Message, Transcripts, etc)

Now that the managers have access to a great dashboard and the data is so actionable, it would only make sense for a manager to have the ability to message an employee about their training or access some other info like their transcript, certifica...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Bulk Import Supervisor Assignments

it would be helpful to have a way of automatically uploading the supervisor to the user's profile. The Employees at my company are constantly changing locations or we implement a supervisor rotation, so adjusting them manually is extremely time co...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 1

export function from manager experiance

Managers need a way to action data from their dashboard, but there is no way to export data, a simple export to xls or csv is needed
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0

give managers the ability to re-assign or deactivate team members

Managers are the first to know if their team changes, give them the ability to transfer a person to a different manager, or deactivate their account if they have left the compnay.
4 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Unlikely to Implement

Make widets from admin dashboard be available on managers dashboard

The new manager experiance dashboard is useless in its current form, its just a series of shortcuts to filters which are avaialble on next page. Why not make the widgets from the admin dashboard avaialble to managers, let them customise it to thei...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0

Managers assign courses

Can managers have the capability to assign/enroll courses to their direct reports?
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Likely to Implement

Manager Experience - All Courses Listed in simple line version

When viewing the Manager Experience, I would like to be able to see the direct reports list of classes without the progress bar and extra frills. Just a simple view of what they have taken and have not. This way it will limit the amount of space a...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0