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Modifying all message templates at once

Currently to update the branding in the automated messaging it would have to be done for over 1000 available messages individually should we wish to add our branding to the signature. This should be a branding functionality or a batch change avail...
about 2 months ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

FAQ See more prompt

Currently the FAQ tile on the Learner Dashboard displays a limited number of questions. A "see more" button should be available to users to prompt them to view more questions.
9 months ago in Learner Experience / Platform 0 Unreviewed

Sandbox must emulate the production environment

Absorb releases software updates every 2 weeks, on top of that there are minor rele3ases like the 02-May-022 release. Although some of these releases may not impact the user functionality, being part of FDA regulated industry it is important that ...
over 1 year ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

French content in Absorb Academy

It would be nice if the content in Absorb Academy was translated in French. We want to share some of your trainings with our colleagues who speak French. Our organization operates mostly in Quebec.
almost 2 years ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

FDA Software Validation Test Case

Related to the general validation principles Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers to be applicable to the validation of medical device software or the validation of software used to design, develop, or manufacture medical devices. The clie...
almost 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Platform 1 Unreviewed

Site downtime transparency

For our software, we have a link that customers can check to see if any issues they're having are universal issues (for us to work on) or localized issues (could be for us to work on, could be related to the client environment). This would be help...
about 2 years ago in Core LMS / Platform 0 Unreviewed

Add an Anonymous Feedback feature for companies

We would like to see a feature to allow for management to communicate with employees anonymously.
3 months ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

Disable Photo Upload Feature for Learners

There should be a feature for disabling the Photo upload on the learners profile or strip off the metadata from the uploaded picture. RECAP Many image types (JPGs, HEIFs, TIFFs, …) contain a small database to store specific data related to the ima...
4 months ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

improve view of the buttons

The buttons look a little confusing; it feels as if two buttons have been merged together. The divider suggests the "+" icon may have a meaning other than enrolling (idk, share/add?). Probably, it would be nice to remove the divider at all or remo...
9 months ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

Add the "Submit Idea" button for all admin roles.

No description provided
about 2 years ago in Core LMS / Platform 0 Unreviewed