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Created on Mar 16, 2023

Complete Lesson(s) Within Online Course to Mark Completion

If you set up a curriculum, you can create groups and add online courses and then mark the minimum number of courses that must be completed within that group. I'd like to see the same functionality at the course level, but with chapters/lessons/learning objects.

I would like to be able to create an online course and have the option to require a minimum number of learning objects in each chapter that must be completed to have the course marked as "complete". Right now, with the way we're leveraging the automatic enrollment rules, groups, and other functions in Absorb, we need to be able to offer a couple of different options for content and let team members complete the one that works best for them. If we have two learning objects in the course, and they complete at least one, I'd like to have the option to count them as complete.

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  • Guest
    Mar 17, 2023

    I would also like the ability to mark a course complete without all the learning objects being completed. Examples include:

    1. Complete any one object within a chapter (this would be used where we give them a choice of 2 videos: one with music and one without, which makes it more accessible)

    2. Complete a minimum number of learning objects (this would be used when learners must complete a certain number of topics to progress to the next level, but they are free to choose which topics they want to view)

    3. Complete specific learning objects (this would be used when the course contains mandatory and optional content. For example, the first learning object is the instructions and is mandatory, the 2nd learning object is the course and is mandatory, and the 3rd learning object is a video that contains more advanced information that is optional)

    At the moment, I have got round this by adding a one question assessment that just asks if the course is complete and the user selects 'Yes', then selecting the 'Exams only' option in the 'Must Complete' field. However, this does mean the learner can not go through the content at all and just make it complete, which is absolutely no use for any regulatory training.

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