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Categories Admin Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 1, 2023

Auto disable learner accounts on a specified date

All learners in our system are given access to the training curriculums for 6 months as part of their contract with us. Currently, admin staff must keep a list and manually disable the accounts after 6 months have passed, creating a lot of extra work and expense. If we do not disable the accounts, we continue to get charged for users who should no longer be accessing the system.

Challenge: Keeping our active user list accurate to prevent cost overruns and excessive admin time manually disabling accounts when the 6 months

Proposed solution: Provide a feature allowing an account to disable automatically on a specified date. This date field would be located on the new user setup screen, the edit user screen, and should be able to be reported on.

Who needs this in our organization: Our LMS user and training admin.

Industry: Healthcare

Impact of this change: Streamlined workflow and quite a bit of saved time as they currently have to keep track of every learner's start date and end date, then go in and manually disable the learner's account.

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