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Created on Dec 7, 2023

Align custom AnswersReport (SFTP version) with standard report from absorb portal.

At present TELUS international receives a custom AnswersReport dropped into our TIAI SFTP server on a daily basis. This report is based on the standard Answers Report that is available on the Absorb portal but includes answers record for all the courses across all the programs from TELUS in the last 24hrs. This report is primarily used to pass metadata information pertaining to the quizzes.

Integrations team is generating this report by pulling data from different reference tables whereas the standard report is much more intuitive and has inbuilt logic to refine the data presented on the portal. This is leading to mismatch of details and not in sync with the latest development changes. For example, when we added multi-response quiz to our course types the standard report was able to provide the answer records correctly albeit with a duplicate record but the custom report was mapping each answer to all possible values increasing the file size tremendously. It wasn't easy to trouble shoot the issue as the integrations team had no view of the underlying logic hence have to guess the right tables etc. to figure out a solution.

This process is very time consuming and the turn around time for issues raised for this report is quite long hence we would like to request that the custom report provided to us be aligned with the standard report from the portal and the logic is duplicated to provide us the correct details. This would help Absorb in the long run in terms of not having to maintain 2 separate reports as well as help address issues quickly.

I am attaching a sample custom report as well as the standard report from the portal for your reference.

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