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Created on Jan 5, 2022

Admin Refresh - Historic Enrollments on Transcript Page

My company recently turned over to the Admin Refresh and is encountering lots of unadvertised changes leading to problems and poor experiences. Here's one.

Previously, historic enrollments were not clickable when viewing a user's transcript. As such, it was easy for a mid-level admin to determine which course/curriculum was active and which was historic.

With their admin refresh, however, all courses/curricula in a user's transcript are equally clickable. The only way for an admin to determine which course/curriculum is active is to look carefully at the completion or enrollment dates.

At least for my company, this has led to confusion from mid-level admins and extra cognitive load as they try to sort through the additional information. This is a poor user experience.

Is it possible to better distinguish historic enrollments from active enrollments or simplify the visual field so that historic enrollments are not available on the transcript page (i.e., make them available elsewhere)?

I'd be curious to hear if other companies are experiencing the same problem.

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  • Guest
    Jan 5, 2022

    For instance, as a solution, what about having tabs where a default tab is for active enrollment and a historic tab is for historic enrollments?