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Attach certificate as pdf to completion email

It would be great if the certificates could be attached as pdf's to the completion email that gets sent out once the attendance has been marked, instead of it just being available in the "transcript" section. This would increase the learner experi...
Mike Parr about 23 hours ago in Learner Experience 1

Course in Multiple Categories

A course should be able to be in multiple categories.
Guest 7 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Add/Allow .ICO file format for logo images

ICO is a popular format that contains one or more small images (at multiple sizes and color depths) so they can be scaled appropriately. They are often used for logo/icon images.
Paul Hart about 17 hours ago in Learner Experience 0

Have the ability to hide visibility of courses in a learning pathway / curriculum

When creating a learning pathway/curriculum, all of the courses within it must be active. This means when people search they are presented with courses as well as the curriculum. It would be good to have the ability to hide the individual courses ...
Kristy Eighteen about 22 hours ago in Learner Experience 0

Secure testing feature

Looking for a way to secure our Absorb tests so that, while test-taking, employees cannot use the internet to get answers to test questions.
Guest 1 day ago in Learner Experience 0

Learner Dashboard / Landing Page Tiles

When the admin edits the templates (public/private) dashboard can the tiles be configured with permission like the enrolment rules. We have a a umber of customers who purchase elearning courses, we don't want them to access things like Resources o...
Hugh Vaughan 1 day ago in Learner Experience 0

New Resume Tile icon format doesn't match the other tiles

After Next Gen LE phase 1 was released on 7/24/22, the resume tile looks completely different than all of the other tiles.
Charles Hughes 23 days ago in Learner Experience 16 Reviewed

Notify learners when their observation checklist review has been submitted by reviewer

Currently, there is no way for a learner to know that their observation checklist has been reviewed and graded. They do not get any notification. This is problematic as they may never check back organically - they should be notified. Please add th...
Cait Breslin 5 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Ability to automatically assign course based off of a custom field

We capture "surgery date" in the Create New User section. Based off of the patient's surgery date, we want to automatically assign a follow up course X weeks after the surgery date.
Jenny Green 9 days ago in Learner Experience 1
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Show Inactive Courses on the Transcript

It should be possible to set whether courses which are Inactive appear on the Learner transcript or not, such that organizations which want to disable courses which are no longer being used can continue to show learners that their engagement with ...
Guest 11 months ago in Learner Experience 5 Currently on Roadmap