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Learner Experience

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Customizable ribbons

It would be great if we had more options to customize ribbons on the private dashboard, such as linking a category of courses to a ribbon instead of the whole catalog, or showing different categories to different groups of users, for example by la...
about 2 years ago in Learner Experience 14 Fair Probability of Delivery

Digital Badges/Microcredentials

It would be great to be able to integrate and offer digital badges in our courses.
over 2 years ago in Learner Experience 4 Fair Probability of Delivery

Enable Next Activity/Close Activity Prompt for all Learning Object Types

After a learner views a video learning object, they're prompted with an Activity Complete message that gives them the option to proceed to the next activity or close the current activity. This message isn't available for all learning object types,...
over 2 years ago in Learner Experience 3 Fair Probability of Delivery

Allow learners to share their training with LinkedIn

Not sure exactly how this would look but my team is currently looking at micro-credentials and digital badges that our learners would be able to share on their LinkedIn profiles. Would be a cool option if we could do this through our LMS somehow. ...
over 2 years ago in Integration / Learner Experience 3 Fair Probability of Delivery