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Manager experience should permit multiple managers to follow the same employees

We have multiple managers responsible for the same seasonal and fulltime employees. As such, it would be helpful if the manager experience permitted the assignment of the same employee to multiple managers in the organization. Some employees work ...
4 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Manager Experience - option to sort by departments, not just individual users

If I am a manager of 4 different stores, I should be able to view data for each department, and break that down to individuals within that department. Is this possible?
14 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Add a Drop-Down List of Direct Reports in the Manager Experience

There should be a drop-down list of direct reports available from the left-side menu in the Manager Experience on the "Learners" tab. Managers should be able to select an individual direct report and drill down to view all statuses of their course...
16 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Inactive Courses Should Not be Visible as Overdue in the Manager Experience

Courses that are "inactive" in the LMS should not be displayed as Overdue for employees in the Manager Experience. Employees cannot access the course content to complete a course once it has been switched to inactive.
16 days ago in Manager Experience 1

Send Nudge from Manager

It would be great if Managers were able to send a nudge manually to their reports directly through the manager experience. A button on each course tile under a users name to "send nudge" would be great. A next step up from that would be a button t...
17 days ago in Manager Experience 2

Manager Experience should mimic Admin settings

Our staff can be very mobile (moving to different supervisors/managers). So having to add each direct report by name makes it much more difficult to track and seems to add more re-work than necessary. If we were able to add a group, as we can with...
21 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Need to exclude certain users when messaging Departments & Subs

We send emails to thousands of users using the Message Departments & Subs feature. However, some users have asked to no longer receive these messages. Exclusion logic would give us what we need to accomodate these requests.
24 days ago in Manager Experience 0

Add date filters to Manager Experience

Adding a data filter to the manager dashboard would help the content be more relevant. Currently it shows failed or incomplete courses from years ago that are no longer relevant. Our financial year is from 1st July to 30th June. Would be good to h...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0

Manager Experience Set Up

The new Manager Experience is a great enhancement but the decision to only allow the set up of the manager - colleague relationship to function in one direction is disappointing and unnecessarily increases workload. When setting up new colleagues ...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 1

Manager Experience - All Courses Listed in simple line version

When viewing the Manager Experience, I would like to be able to see the direct reports list of classes without the progress bar and extra frills. Just a simple view of what they have taken and have not. This way it will limit the amount of space a...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0