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Improve "Indirect reports" capabilities

When a manager of managers (or higher in the organization chart) needs to determine completion of a course or combination of courses in the Manager Experience it is a number of steps to do so - toggle to include "indirect reports," select a manage...
10 days ago in Manager Experience 1 Unreviewed

Manager Experience - Reduce the number of clicks for end user

Today, an admin is able to enroll and run reports with far fewer clicks compared to doing the same actions in the Manager Experience.
18 days ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Approve Course from Managers Experience

Since you can view pending approvals in the manager view you should be able to approve them directly from there rather than jumping back to the admin view.
about 1 month ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Supervisor out of office approval flow

It would be nice to have a field that allows a supervisor to mark themselves out of office and either send approval requests to the next level supervisor or have that person designate an alternative approver in their absence.
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Expand Direct Reports Box to see All Reports as you add

When adding new reports to the manager direct reports box on a user profile, you can't see everyone in there while you are adding new people. It would be great to see everyone so you can double check yourself.
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

State who's manager experience a user belongs to on their profile

We manually add our people to their leader's manager experience. When a person moves into a new role, you have to remove them from one person's team to add them to a different person - but there is no way to see who's team they were on. So if you ...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Manager Experience by department versus individual users

It would be great if we could mark a user as a manager of a department versus individual users. It is difficult to manage when you have hundreds of users. The functionality should be available for a department and sub-departments like it is under ...
about 2 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Bulk add Direct Reports

Add an import function to enable the bulk addition of direct reports. Manually adding one user at a time is time consuming. Having the ability to link a user's Direct Report field to a specific Group so the list is automatically updated and curren...
3 months ago in Manager Experience 2 Unreviewed

Configurable Widgets for Manager Experience

Just as we are able to add and remove widgets, and set parameters and add filters to widgets in an admin dashboard, it would be great to have the ability to configure the Manager Experience overview widgets as well. Not everyone uses all features ...
3 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Give Managers the option to make a course Mandatory from the Manager Experience.

I suggest adding the option for Managers to make courses Mandatory when enrolling their learners into courses. Along with a due date. PLEASE!
3 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed