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Test a LMS course before publishing

When we create an online LMS course, there is no way to test if the content is correct and in the right format before setting to active/publishing it. So we have to create a workaround that all courses are first published in a test department and ...
about 20 hours ago in Online Courses 0

Allow for a course to be visible in more than one category.

On our platform we have set up most of our courses in specific categories. We did this via: Courses > Edit Online Course > Catalog Visibility > Category Absorb only allows us to choose one category. We now have a few courses which fit int...
about 23 hours ago in Online Courses 0

Add an optional instructor field to online courses

For online courses, there is currently no option to add an instructor. I would like to add the instructor for each online course for multiple reasons, but there is no ability to do this. Adding an instructor field: Enables the instructor to show u...
7 days ago in Online Courses 0

Bulk Edit Course Setttings

We would love the ability to bulk edit settings. For example, it we want to turn off multiple attempts at a quiz across all our courses and lessons, we have to open each course and then each learning object individually. This is time consuming and...
3 months ago in Admin Experience / Assessment Lessons 1

Upload documents to user profile.

We would like to store external documentation into absorb for individual employees
11 days ago in Third Party Lessons 0

Allow placement of Course Upload within course/curriculum.

Allow course upload as a learning object to be able to be placed within the course. Allow course tasks/upload section to be placed in a particular spot in the course outline or curriculum.
17 days ago in Online Courses 0

Post Course Communications

I would like to be able to send a unique nudge/communication with its own frequency to individuals who failed to complete a course by the due date. We will want them to complete the course even if they are late, but lack automated means to effecti...
about 1 month ago in Online Courses 1

Observation Checklists | View In-Progress Checklists

When an Observation Checklist is in progress, there is no way to see how the checklist is going. Only upon submittal is any of the data available.
3 months ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reviewer Experience 1 Reviewed

0 Point Assessment Questions

It would be very helpful to be able to put in questions in the quiz/assessment that do not have any point value attached to them, so that we are able to ask the learner, "Why did you choose this response?", and they can input their open-ended answ...
about 2 months ago in Assessment Lessons 0

For Post Enrollments, it would be great to add the completion date period criteria. For example, admins can setup the automatic rules to enroll the learners into "Course B" when they have completed the "Course A" within specific period.

No description provided
3 months ago in Online Courses 0